Monday, May 16, 2011

If We Ever by : Elfriska Sihombing

krik..krik.. (bunyi jangkrik di areal kostan makin kenceng pagi-pagi buta).

Celoteh Tengah Malam.

If we ever experiencing ups and downs in life,
If we ever feel what people called euphoria of victory and melancholy of failure, either.
If we ever enjoy the beauty of fall in love as well as the bitterness of a broken heart,
If we ever entrusted health and being active, either sick and laying weak
If we ever gain a happiness of receiving, and also the joy of giving
If we ever find a comfort to be accepted and feel a woeful heart of rejection
If we ever grateful for a meeting and realize that there should be a time to say goodbye ,

Maybe, we wouldn’t be too easy to judge and be prudent
Maybe, we’ll try to look closer and wouldn’t comment too soon
Maybe, we would appreciate process rather than an end result
and decide to give more time to listen rather than speak.

 “our feet may fail us, Lord… so please, don’t let us fall” Amen.

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