Thursday, March 31, 2011


Kali ini Soundtrack diisi oleh sebuah band yang menawarkan musik yang berbeda, tentunya lebih semangat.:D

Berikut profil mereka :

Play-Mates is a Rock band formed in Jakarta, Indonesia in late 2010.

Starting from the boredom of Raga Dipa (bass) and Lalitya Laras (keyboard) with the music presented on the TV, they both try to form a rock band. Then Lalitya Laras invite her college friends, Fara Zachman as a vocalist and Yudhisirta as drummer. And to complete the formation, Raga invites his childhood friend Balum to fill the guitar position.

Play-Mates's musical product presents the wild & sexy rock music with a touch of funk and blues.

cek mereka di :

cek juga lirik lagu mereka berjudul Kuda Besi.
nice song!

berikut link download lagu mereka :

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